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FIFA Street 4 Full PC Game Free Download | Download Free PC Games Full Version.最新趨勢觀測站 – fifa street 4 pc download的推薦與評價,PINTEREST、FACEBOOK和 網紅們這樣回答:

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Download FIFA Street 4 Game For PC is a fighting video game. This game is developed by EA Vancouver. FIFA Street 4 Game Download. How To Download Fifa Street 4. 1. Click on the “Download Game” button. 2. Download “Fifa Street 4” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).


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Spread the love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Just the players grunting as they smash a ball into the little goals. The past iterations had their own identity within this series, with the first perhaps being a real cult classic.

However, this title seems to be a swing and a miss in that respect. Sure the gameplay is fun, after all it borrows a lot of assets from FIFA However, the gameplay seems lazy too. There seems to be no difference in how players act whether they are forwards, attackers or defenders. They just seem like cardboard cutouts with different stats assigned to them. Then the goalkeepers seem to have a mind of their own as most goalkeepers do but not in a good way.

They wander aimlessly, make stupid decisions and cost you countless amounts of goals. The presentation also adds to this theme of laziness with a UI that you would probably see in a decent mobile game. This was fine in the mids and perhaps they were trying to achieve some form of continuity but it comes off very poorly. The one saving grace is the characature versions of the footballers available in the game is a nice touch that sets it apart from the original FIFA series.

There is a decent campaign mode that allows you to create a ragtag team and swap them out for the worlds elite with your created player in the line up. This is a mode that has been within the series since the beginning and its nice to see it make a return. There are also a series of other game modes that are great to play online and locally with friends. These are panna mode which essentially translates to nutmegging your opponent, racking up points and then scoring to bank them.

Then you have futsal mode which is like the main game mode but with deal balls and fouls. Unfulfilled Potential. What is so frustrating about this title is just how good it could have been. The developers clearly cut corners to make this game happen by borrowing assets, making a shoddy, unpolished AI. With real time and effort, we could have seen this brand become an annual release and really grow into something special.


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